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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Zombies video out!

A new video has popped up today on Black Ops viral site featuring… Nazi Zombies. Now before you go all crazy and fall off of your chair, it’s not a gameplay video. The new video features a wall of monitors all playing different footage. Some of the footage shows the old Nazi Zombies that we know and love, other monitors show regular(!), non-Nazi zombies, respectfully dressed in a shirt and tie.
During the video, we also see a man being put into a chamber with a face mask on, which is then sealed up. The message on the door in Russian translates to ‘attention’, while further monitor screens on the video show various scientists trying to run away from the zombies.
Are Treyarch lining up for the big co-op/zombie mode reveal? Maybe the GTTV Black Ops special on October 15th is the time allotted for the reveal of the “top-secret” co-op mode? Only time will tell. But, for now, wrap your eyes around the latest Black Ops viral video – featuring Nazi, and non-Nazi Zombies.

And to everybody who's been asking, I am still undecided on what car insurance I will be purchasing. I really do need car insurance though. Isn't it illegal not to have car insurance? Car insurance is really important.


  1. yeah it is illegal (at least in NY) and nice! mabye they will be adding story to why there are zombies everywhere lol

  2. Oo scary lol, might have nightmares


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